IV Therapy takes wellness to the next level. You get maximum absorption because IV therapy bypasses the digestive system and allows for 100% absorption into the bloodstream, resulting in an instant, noticeable improvement in overall body and mental function.

When you first begin treatment, you may need to schedule weekly infusion sessions. If you or if you have a chronic health condition that affects your immune system, you may decide to maintain this schedule.

However, most people will benefit from the treatments spaced about two weeks apart once their nutrient levels become stabilized. This is because you should expect your nutrient levels to remain elevated for between two to three weeks after each treatment. Some patients choose to schedule infusion therapy sessions monthly once they have achieved their desired results, and others only seek treatment when they experience symptoms.

Your first visit you will fill out paperwork and we will discuss your needs. Once you are hooked up, the infusion will take about 30-45 minutes.

There is no downtime with IV therapy. Once the treatment is complete, you can immediately resume your normal activities.

 As with any medical procedure, there are small risks. Typically, the most common risks include bruising and/or pain at the site of the needle stick. Some people experience vascular fragility, which can result in “infiltration.” This means the walls of the vein rupture and the IV fluid leaks into the surrounding tissue, which causes a burning sensation. Before your treatment, all risks will be thoroughly explained to you and you will have the opportunity to consent to treatment or deny it.

An IV does have to enter your vein for access, so at the onset of treatment, you may feel a slight sting and pressure. As the hydration and vitamins infuse, you feel no pain whatsoever. IF you have concerns about the discomfort of the initial “stick,” our trained medical staff can offer a topical numbing agent.

Our staff is highly skilled at starting IV’s. Our staff will evaluate, and if necessary, we may use a 24G IV catheter which is smaller than we normally use. If this is the case you can expect your drip to take close to an hour and fifteen minutes or an hour a half.

We do not accept insurance, but we do accept HSA, FSA, cash, debit, and credit cards.

All we can do is provide you will a detailed receipt.

Taking vitamins by mouth, your body may absorb between 10-30%. With vitamin IV therapy, you absorb a 100%.

Almost anyone! Dependent on your health history, most everyone will benefit from receiving an IV.

We are able to accept patients who are ages 12 and older or over 100 pounds with parental consent. The patient must be fully willing to receive the IV.

Yes! If you are a new client, our medical staff will ask you to fill out a health questionnaire so that we will know if you have any allergies or health conditions that might not make you a good candidate for IV therapy. After your first visit, you will be asked to complete a consent form each time you get an IV. Both forms are available by clicking on the PDF files below. If this will be your first visit to Vita 10 IV Therapy, you will need to complete both forms. If you are under 18, you will need parental consent and a parent’s signature on the form.

One thing that sets us apart from a drip bar is that we offer private rooms! We also pride ourselves in exceptional customer service. We want each patient to feel at home when they visit our facility!