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UBI Ozone IV Therapy

Embark on a journey of rejuvenation and holistic wellness at Vita 10 in Denton with our innovative Ubi Ozone IV therapy. As Denton blossoms into a hub for health and community well-being, Vita 10 stands at the forefront, offering treatments grounded in science and individual care. Through Ubi Ozone IV therapy, we provide a pathway to enhanced vitality, leveraging the power of ozone to detoxify your body and amplify your natural immune responses, all in the nurturing environment of Denton.

Ozone and UBI therapy Services

Personalized Ubi Ozone IV Therapy in Denton

At Vita 10, we pride ourselves on offering personalized Ubi Ozone IV therapy plans that are as unique as the Denton community itself. Our expert team delves deep into understanding your individual health needs, crafting therapies that work harmoniously with your body's natural processes. Step into our Denton clinic and discover a haven where personalized care meets innovative treatment solutions, offering you a revitalized, healthier life.

Expert Care in the Heart of Denton

In Denton, a city steeped in community spirit and vibrant energies, Vita 10 gathers a team of highly skilled healthcare professionals dedicated to your well-being. Under their careful guidance, your Ubi Ozone IV therapy will be a beacon of safety, professionalism, and rejuvenation, channeling Denton's energetic spirit into a healthcare journey that sees you revitalized with each session.

Harness the Revolutionary Benefits of Ubi Ozone IV Therapy

Vita 10 invites you to harness the revolutionary benefits of Ubi Ozone IV therapy right here in Denton. Our treatments stand as a pillar of holistic health, fostering cellular regeneration and boosting immune response through a potent blend of ozone and IV therapy. Be part of Denton's wellness revolution, embracing a therapy that nourishes your body and spirit, offering a rejuvenated sense of self and a harmonious balance with the dynamic energy of Denton.

Become a Part of Denton’s Wellness Journey with Vita 10

Join the Vita 10 family and become a part of the transformative wellness journey unfolding in Denton. Reach out to us today to schedule your session and step into a vibrant community where health meets innovation, offering you a rejuvenated life through the power of Ubi Ozone IV therapy. Embrace the future of healthcare with Vita 10 in Denton, where every individual is celebrated with personalized treatments designed to nurture body, mind, and spirit.





Depending on what we are treating, it may be necessary to start with a Standard Ozone treatment.




Package of 5 $1,350.00 (10% off)
Package of 10 $2,550.00 (15% off)

Special pricing when purchased in packages of 10 or 20. This is recommended when treating a chronic illness.