IV Hydration Therapy in North Texas!

There are so many voices in the world of wellness today that it can feel overwhelming to know who or what to listen to. It may not seem that everyone has your best interest in mind and would rather sell a product than help you understand what is most beneficial to you. However,  our team at Vita 10 IV Therapy is proud to offer services in immediate wellness through our core group of trained experts. All of our providers are licensed medical professionals, including nurses, certified IV technicians, and paramedics. Whether you are looking for health assistance or treatment for migraines, hangovers, fatigue, post-surgery hydration, anti-aging, allergies, cold and flu, weight loss, or just needing an energy boost, we offer the best IV vitamin therapy in North Texas. 

With locations in Denton, Bowie, and Flower Mound, our team serves a wide community and helps countless visitors leave feeling much improved. Depending on the boost you need, we have IV vitamin therapy selections for wellness, energy, recovery, cosmetics, and specialty drips. Whether you are needing the Basic Hydration drip that is quick and easy, leaving your whole body feeling rejuvenated, or you are interested in the Executive Drip which helps with whole body health and wellness, we have a drip for you. 

Our Energy drips include Energy Boost, Basic Life of the Party, Extreme Life of the Party and Athletic Performance Drip. Each of our energy drips contain different amounts of vitamins, energy boosting vitamins, antioxidants and more. They address issues such as nausea, depression, metabolic function, inflammation, and hydration. The Recovery drips are extremely beneficial when battling a migraine, anxiety, fibromyalgia, and muscle pain. At Vita 10, we even offer a Covid Recovery Drip containing vitamin C, D, Zinc & B-Complex to assist with immunity, energy, strength, and depression.

The Cosmetic drips include a Beauty Drip and a Weight Loss Drip. The Specialty drip selections include High Dose Vitamin C, Ozone and UBI Therapy, and NAD Therapy. Vita 10 drips are customized specifically for you. Our medical team will listen to what the desired outcome is for your area of concern and compound an individualized IV therapy just for you. You can even select to include add-ons, such as an anti-nausea formula, glutathione, biotin, b12 injection, Covid antibody test, and much more. The custom IV vitamin therapy that our team is able to provide is outstanding and will help you improve your health and wellness with each visit!