Why NAD+ Therapy is Helpful

There are few things worse than not feeling well. Many stressors can contribute to health that is less than ideal, and in today’s world, it is no secret that folks are run down by a myriad of factors. Whether it’s work, environment, responsibilities, sickness, etc., there are many variables that can negatively impact the way we function from day to day. Vita 10 IV Therapy is ready to ensure that you are operating at an optimal level and feeling your very best by offering its NAD+ therapy.

As we age, NAD+ levels naturally decline, resulting in metabolic disorders, such as diabetes and fatty liver disease, and DNA damaging reactive oxygen species. Supplementing NAD+ has been shown to improve cognitive function, mood, energy, protect cells and tissues, and even induce DNA repair. The NAD+ therapy offered by Vita 10 also helps with blood pressure, liver support, stress, endurance, epigenetic regulation, anti-aging, energy, and inflammation.

Newer reports have even shown that NAD+ therapy may help with ‘long-hauler’ COVID symptoms. This kind of therapy could be exactly what your body has been needing, and the certified specialists at Vita 10 are ready to provide you with this method of healing.

NAD+ therapy is a newer treatment method and is short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide therapy. NAD is a metabolism catalyst involved in the creation of a variety of different types of cells. It occurs naturally in the body as part of many key functions, and without optimal levels of NAD, energy and overall well-being can plummet.

Vita 10 can deliver a high dose of NAD+ directly into the bloodstream through an IV drip, which means that the NAD+ bypasses the digestive system and is absorbed efficiently. NAD+ therapy is known to help banish addiction from drugs and alcohol, provide a metabolism boost, reduce chronic pain, beat fatigue, maximize brain power, fight the effects of aging, reduce risk of heart disease, assist with weight loss, improve athletic performance, and promote healthy muscle aging. With all the benefits provided by NAD+ therapy, this treatment could be the key to recovery for you in many more ways than one.

The added benefit of an intravenous drip therapy is the ability to raise your body’s hydration levels. This not only helps your cells work better, which will amplify healing but is also critical, especially during the heat of summer. Vita 10 IV Therapy is ready to assist with your recovery and revitalization as you continue the path towards complete wellness. Get in touch with Vita 10 today to schedule an appointment at any one of their luxury locations in the DFW area.