The Benefits of IV Therapy

At Vita 10 IV Therapy in the DFW area, your wellness, recovery, and revitalization are top priority. Whether you are looking for health assistance or treatment for migraines, hangovers, fatigue, post-surgery hydration, anti-aging, allergies, cold & flu, weight loss, or just need an energy boost, Vita 10 has just what you need with its IV vitamin therapy. With IV therapy being a newer health and wellness innovation that is steadily expanding in popularity, there remain common questions as potential customers assess the risks and benefits. 

Common Questions

One of the most common questions asked is “Why choose IV therapy?” IV vitamin therapy takes wellness to the next level. As IV therapy bypasses the digestive system and allows for 100% absorption into the bloodstream, maximum absorption is obtained, resulting in an instant, noticeable improvement in the overall body and mental function. Another common speculation is to ask whether IV therapy is safe or not. As with any medical procedure, there are small risks. Typically, the most common risks include bruising and/or pain at the site of the needle stick, inflammation, or allergic reactions. IV vitamin therapy is an extremely safe way to administer vitamins and minerals to those in need. This treatment option has proven to be highly effective when administered by a professional. Vita 10 IV Therapy takes great care to ensure you receive immediate wellness through its core team of trained experts. To ensure safe, reliable, and unparalleled service, all VITA 10 providers are licensed medical professionals, including nurses, certified IV technicians, and paramedics who have passed our company’s stringent background check and rigorous training.

The Benefits

Because of the way nutrients are inserted directly into the bloodstream, you will absorb almost all the provided nutrients when receiving IV vitamin therapy. When taking vitamins and minerals orally, the body receives only about twenty percent of the nutrients. Another incredible benefit is that the treatments only take about thirty to forty-five minutes and the effects of IV therapy are felt almost immediately. This is an incredible tool for anyone experiencing the terrible effects of dehydration, migraines, fatigue, run-down immune system, a sports injury, hangover, or sun poisoning and wants to feel better right away. Another common question for Vita 10 IV Therapy is what sets them  apart from a drip bar. Vita 10 is unique in that it offers private rooms, which allow guests to feel right at home. Vita 10 prides itself on exceptional customer service, professionalism, and high-quality care. 

Offering numerous drip services, injection options, electrodermal screening, and ozone and UBI therapy, Vita 10 IV Therapy is truly changing the game for whole-body health!