Hydration is Key, Even in the Winter!

What is it Very Important to Staying Hydrated?

Staying hydrated throughout the hot southern summers is vitally important to health and wellness. The sweltering temperatures that cause almost everyone to sweat and loose excessive amounts of fluids help serve as a reminder to prioritize hydration. However, staying hydrated is equally as important in the fall and winter months. It just might even be more vital to one’s health during this time. Vita 10 IV Therapy is focused on helping you maintain overall optimal health in many ways, one of them being IV hydration therapy. By providing this service, Vita 10 is striving to ensure that you are hydrated no matter the time of year.

The Basic Hydration drip is the perfect place to begin, as it is a quick and easy fix for whole-body rejuvenation. It has been proven that staying hydrated strengthens your immune systems, and we know that during the fall and winter months, our immune systems are more vulnerable to attack. Hydration helps increase resistance to infections. The Basic Life of the Party drip offered at Vita 10 also helps with hydration as it contains one liter of fluids as well as anti-inflammatories. Through IV hydration therapy, you would be assisting your body in staying strong against the dry air you are consistently breathing in.

The air we breathe in throughout the winter months has been heated, which means that all the moisture has been removed. Since both the indoor and outdoor air around you are dry, this causes your body to draw out moisture more quickly, thus causing you to become dehydrated more easily. Even while exercising in the winter months, your body can be more susceptible to dehydration as you are not experiencing the common triggers that prompt you to rehydrate. When sweating easily throughout a summer workout, your thirst will be prominent; however, with a winter workout, you will be less likely to become thirsty and more likely to dehydrate. More water from your body is lost due to exposure to cold and dry air than you may realize. These are some of the many reasons that Vita 10 provides such high-quality IV hydration therapy.

Another drip that Vita 10 offers to help with hydration is the Muscle Pain Relief Drip. Containing magnesium, calcium, selenium, vitamin C, B complex, glutathione, and anti-inflammatories, this drip can assist with muscle and joint pain as well. At Vita 10, you will improve your health and wellness with each visit. The highly trained specialists strive to help you feel hydrated, revitalized, energized, and able to recover quickly. From athletes to post-op patients, many experience the negative effects of dehydration. To avoid headaches, fatigue, muscle cramping, and more, visit Vita 10 at any of the DFW locations and feel rejuvenated through their IV hydration therapy.