Support Your Immune System with Ozone Therapy


Vita 10 IV Therapy offers many services that contribute to a person’s overall well-being, and more specifically, the body’s immune system. Each service at Vita 10 is designed to positively impact a person’s wellness, ability to recover, and revitalization. The goal is to help customers optimize their health through the healing benefits of IV vitamin therapy. At each location in the DFW area, you will find trained experts who are licensed medical professionals and are ready to offer immediate wellness whether it be treatment for migraines, hangovers, fatigue, hydration, allergies, an energy boost, and so much more, Vita 10 has the drip for you.

One of the unique IV vitamin therapy services Vita 10 provides is Ozone Therapy. Ozone is known to kill bacteria, fungus, yeast, mold, parasites, and fungi in the body. It will attach itself to any heavy metals, allowing you to detox them out of the body. This treatment will improve circulation by cleaning arteries and veins. If you are looking to feel your best and need a jumpstart to your Ozone, this treatment is perfect for you.

The IV vitamin therapy treatment begins by pulling 60cc-300cc of blood out of the body, and then push Ozone directly into your blood. After saturating your blood with Oxygen/Ozone, it is then run back into your body via the IV. Your blood also runs through UBI light as it is coming back to you. In a High Dose Treatment, the blood will run through the UBI light twice. This therapy is the quickest way to jumpstart your immune system and will boost your blood oxygen levels, help purify your blood and detox you on a cellular level.

Ozone and UBI therapy are specifically used to target issues such as allergies, joint stiffness, rheumatic illnesses, liver cleansing, diabetes therapy, circulation, and immunity. This type of IV vitamin therapy can also offer support for cancer patients, helps prevent infections, provide supporting therapy for cardiovascular disease and viral illnesses such as hepatitis B and C, HSV, EBV, shingles, cold sores, and the flu. It can even be a treatment for wounds, acne, psoriasis, is useful for anti-aging, and helps manage chronic fatigue syndrome and stress.

As one can easily see, Ozone Therapy is highly beneficial in a myriad of ways to provide the body with the strength it needs to fight a variety of issues. At Vita 10, customers can select either the Standard Ozone Treatment or the High Dose Ozone Treatment. Depending on what is being treated, it may be necessary to start with the Standard Ozone Treatment. The medical professionals at Vita 10 will provide adequate consultation to their patients to discover the exact route of treatment that is best for them.